We are working diligently to reduce our prices and to provide all of our patients with all assistance needed to complete dental treatments at an affordable price.We now have options to finance your dental care in Costa Rica with our Dental Office.We have set a partnership with Advance Care Credit also known as (ACC) with multiple benefits and patients Patients can now qualify for up to 14 months of true interest free financing and then pay interest only on balance left if there is any left.
Details about financing:Advance Care Card Revolving credit products provided by leading Banks.
Revolving credit establishes a specific line of credit that remains available. During the interest free period, a payment of 2% of the balance balance is required each month. This payment is applied to the principal, After the interest free period, payments increase to 2% of the remaining balance plus the assigned interest rate
  • ACC provides high approval rates
  • ACC does not charge sign-up fees.
  • ACC does not require contracts or paperwork.
  • No additional hardware is required to accept the ACC.
  • No Punitive Late Fees
  • Patients only pay interest on remaining balance after interest free period. No Prepayment Penalty
  • ACC does not penalize patients for paying ahead.Advance Care Card Revolving credit products provided by leading banks Interest Free Includes
  • 6 and 14 0% month interest free period programs.
  • No Fees No fees assessed to applicant
  • Instant Credit decisions made instantly.
  • Secure Secure online application process with no fees.
  • For more information visit or call 1-800-432-9470

How to pay us

  • Once you have been approved, they will receive the ACC Credit Card card within 5 to 7 days via express mail
  • You will present the card to us for payment at arrival and once card is processed your credit will start. The card provided to you from ACC can only be used at our office.
  • You must present physical ACC card for Payment at all times.
  • Once you have received funds you can wire transfer to an account that we will provide to you or pay us with any Credit Card of your Choice.
  • Note: Amounts approved must be paid on your first visit so that you take advantage of all benefits.

Patients with Credit Issues

We have a solution for you

  • Applicants with credit challenges may apply for a traditional installment loan at:
  • Installment loans provide a fixed rate and term but do not provide an interest free period.
  • Interest rates on our installment loan products start at 6.9% and increase based on the applicant’s credit history

How to apply for Installment loan

  • Visit or simply follow the link on the Advance Care site
  • Select Loan Amount Loan amounts from $2,000 to 2 $25,000 are available
  • Application Simply complete the secure online application
  • Receive Receive an instant credit decisión
  • Review Review and Select term
  • Funds Funds wired to account within 7 to 10 business days to your account